He’s Alive | Graceland Worship

He’s Alive is written by J.T. Roy, Michael Loy, and Ryan Brown.

Verse 1
Behold the hour was at hand
With a loud voice Jesus said
My God, my God, why have you forsaken me

Verse 2
The Son of God gave up His life
The greatest gift and sacrifice
Then on the third day, there the ground began to shake
And the stone was rolled away

He’s alive, He’s alive
The grave could not hold him He’s alive
He’s alive, He’s alive
O Death where is your sting,
Jesus won the victory
He’s alive

Verse 3
God who did not spare His Son
Gave Him up for us because
He loved us so much,
now we’re more than conquerors

Because He is alive, I’m alive
Because He is alive, I’m alive