Starting Point

Your next step in becoming part of the Graceland family.

Part 1 – Mission

In this session you’ll hear about the history of Graceland, the mission of Graceland, as well as what we believe about Jesus, salvation, and church membership.

Part 2 – Beliefs

In this session you’ll hear more about who Jesus is, what it means to believe and follow Him, and the gift of being part of a church family.

Part 3 – Belong

In this session you’ll learn about how we serve in and outside the church, as well as the gift of friendships found in community groups which help us in our journey of following Jesus.

Part 4 – Sent

In this session you’ll craft your story and make a plan to share the gospel with someone you know.

We look forward with great expectation to how God will use Starting Point to continue raising up disciple-makers here at Graceland Church!