What is Soul Care?

Soul Care is intensive discipleship. There are many ways to be discipled at Graceland – Community groups, Men’s groups, Women’s groups, and D-Groups. Soul Care is designed to be more concentrated, which means that you are meeting with a trained Soul Care provider one-on-one. At its core, the goal of Soul Care is to help individuals, couples, and families to process and reframe their experiences in light of God’s truth found in Scripture and His promises fulfilled in Christ. 

Mission: As a complement to the other discipleship pathways at Graceland, Soul Care aims to walk alongside people who are seeking more intensive and personalized help with their journey of sanctification and wholeness.


What can you expect from us? 

  • We believe that ultimate healing and care come from the triune God. Hence, our care draws wisdom from God’s Word, our Soul Care providers empowered by the Holy Spirit, and our ideal of health is Jesus Christ.   
  • While our care is primarily grounded in God’s Word, we borrow tools from the best practices in psychology and traditional Christian practices.  
  • We strive to be relational and holistic, addressing the whole person: physical body and immaterial soul. 
  • When needed, we will recommend or refer to the services of other professionals that can help you in ways that we cannot (ie. family doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, financial coaches, etc.).

What do we expect from you? 

  • Regularly attend weekend worship services 
  • Be in or willing to join a community group 
  • Fully engage with the care provider during sessions and complete assignments

  • Show up on time 


Types of Soul Care that we provide:

  • Individual Care
    • Broken relationships
    • Death/Dying
    • Separation/Divorce support
    • Crisis of faith
    • Stress management support
    • Anxiousness/Fear
    • Addiction recovery support
    • Loneliness/Discouragement
  • Pre-marital Care
    • We have Prepare/Enrich certified care providers
  • Marital Care
    • Marital/family conflict
    • We have Gottman trained and certified care providers


How much does an hour of session cost?

  • Graceland Church Member
    • Individual – $20
    • Marriage/Family – $30
  • Non-Member
    • Individual – $30
    • Marriage/Family – $40

*Scholarships available based upon need.


Who will provide the care?

  • Soul care trainee/intern: These are people currently in school for counseling or have recently graduated from a degree in counseling undergoing training. 
  • Lay Soul Care Provider: These are people are part of the Graceland community who went through a year or more of Soul Care training. 
  • Soul Care Associate Director: Christian Halbert. Christian is a staff member of Graceland Church who has a degree in counseling and several years of counseling experience.

Where do I start?

  • Fill out our Soul Care Intake form.
  • Wait for a phone call or an email from a provider
  • Link to payment will be sent to you

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to email us.