Students – Summer Series

Hammock and Hang June 5 3pm
Our first event in our Summer Eras series is a “Hammock & Hang”! Join Graceland Students Team and bring a friend to this awesome afternoon event! Bring a hammock with you (we will provide a small number as well) as we find a nice cool shaded spot along the creek or in the trees on property! We will provide some popsicles!

Disc Golf 10am June 20 at Lapping Park
Meet Jacob Bratcher at Lapping Park for Disc Golf fun! Be on the lookout for the summer eras sign, bring your friends and disc if you have them, if not we will have few extras.

Water Balloon Fight June 17 at 5pm
Join us on June 17 at 5pm for the largest waterballoon fight you’ve ever been apart of. We will meet at the back lawn outside of the gym, come ready to participate in multiple water balloon games. Bring sunscreen and a friend!

Mario Kart July 17 at
Join us for live action Mario Kart fun at Graceland Church New Albany. Jump in on a relay race with your friends on drift trikes while racking up points!

Britni’s Lawn Party July 24 at 2pm
Join us on the back lawn of Graceland Church New Albany for fun lawn events like 9-Square, yard tic-tac-toe and volleyball. Bring a friend and come hang out!!